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Brow Services

Eyebrow Wax (15 mins): $35

Eyebrow Tint (15 mins): $35

Eyebrow Wax + Tint (30 mins): $65

Eyebrow Wax + Tint + lash tint (45 mins): $95

Henna Brows + Sculpt (45 mins): $85

Brow Dye + Sculpt (45 mins): $85

Lamination Brows + Tint & Wax (1 hour): $120


Lash Services

Lash Tint add on (15mins): $30

Lash Tint on its own (20 mins): $40

Keratin Lash Lift + Tint (1 hour): $120


*all costing is subject to change


During the consultation time our technician will go into extensive detail about all cosmetic tattooing treatments that we offer.

The consultation is fantastic for those wanting to meet with us prior to their eyebrow appointment or unsure as to whether eyebrow tattooing is suitable for them. This time is great to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment, especially if you suffer from any skin or medical conditions that may interfere with the treatment.

The consultation or photo via email is compulsory if you have had previous tattooing from a different clinic as we require this time to assess the skin in your eyebrows, look for possible scar tissue, remaining pigment within the skin and further determine whether we are able to perform treatment on your eyebrows at Madeline Kate Brow Boutique.

There are cases that we are not able to treat a client due to the previous technique or pigment range that has been used. If this is the case, we spend the half hour consult time giving you the best recommendations for your eyebrows. 

If you are unsure what method is best for you, this can be discussed during a consult with one of our highly trained technicians.

Please note: The initial procedure includes a consultation so it is optional to have a consultation on its own, provided that you have no previous tattooing.

Brow Tattooing

Microblading and/or machine methods

New Clients

Initial treatment: $795 (2.5 hours)

Perfecting Touch up: $150 (1 hour)

Feather Touch Brows is a Hair Stroke Brow using a non-electric hand tool, resulting in the softest finish.

This includes 2 treatments, your initial appointment for the cost of $795 and a perfecting touch-up treatment for the cost of $150 within 6-12 weeks of your initial appointment, plus complimentary aftercare.

Brow Tattooing Re-Touch

Current Clients Only

$450 (2 hours)

We now only perform Retouching on our clients from 12 months onwards to protect the skin health of your skin. Re-Touching is recommended from 1 to 4 years.

This cost includes one re-touching appointment and aftercare.